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Project - Blue Block Web Design


Sometime in 2010, I had an idea to become a freelance web designer - I opened a trading account and set up the website. Alas, circumstances changed before it really got going and I went into full-time employment as a web developer.

The company website was created on my Linux machine using open-source and free tools:

  • WordPress - modified with custom plug-ins to make it more like a traditional CMS
  • jQuery - used to implement the image transitions on the home page banner and the accordian effects on the other pages
  • GIMP - used to apply post-processing on the company logo and various image effects
  • POV-Ray - used to generate the companies 3D logo and the web page 'Colosseum' background graphics
  • Inkscape - used to create various lettering for the company logo
  • Scribus - used to create my own mail flyer
  • FreeMind - I used this mind-mapping tool for organizing and planning the website. I've since moved on to Freeplane, which is a fork of FreeMind and offers improved features

If I was going to do a similar site today, I probably wouldn't use Wordpress for such a static site - I'd use one of my custom scripts to generate static pages from simple text files.

I've archived the site for posterity (and to remind me of the effort I put into it, before I abandoned it).

The site has been converted from a WordPress site into static HTML - the contact details and pricing information has been removed.

Here's the link to Blue Block Web Design (Static Archive).

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