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Project - Blade Runner Quiz


Between 2001 and 2005, I was managing Bladezone and had spent a lot of time discussing the film in the Bladezone forums and also reading several of the books available on the subject.

So, I had the idea of creating a quiz application for all Blade Runner fans to test their knowledge.



I originally implemented the application in javascript with the intention of adding it to the Bladezone website, but then decided to convert the project into a standalone executable written in Blitz Basic and developed and tested on Windows XP Home Edition.

The final version was to have a global score board and question sets downloaded from the internet.

In the end, I left Bladezone and lost interest in completing the project.

I have no enthusiasm for completing the project in it's current form. If I was going to continue the project, I would probably go back to a javascript version - the browsers of today are much more capable than the browsers of 2001.

Project Status

I would estimate that the project is probably in the region of 60% complete.

  • Implemented Features:
    • Retro-tech user interface
    • Sound effects sampled from the film
    • Question set compiler
    • Different question types:
      • Single answer
      • True or False
      • Choose one or more
      • Put in order
  • Intended features:
    • Picture questions
    • Global score board
    • Question sets downloaded from the internet

Development History

This is one of those projects that I could never seem to get the momentum up long enough to finish. I would shelve it, move onto something else and then re-visit it a year or so later.

  • 2001 - Experimented with a Javascript version
  • 2003 - Re-visited
    • Abandoned the Javascript implementation
    • Created a new, standalone version using Blitz Basic
  • 2006 - Re-visited
    • Re-worked the code
    • Added new question types
    • Added a question compiler
    • Shelved indefinitely

Screen Shot

While recording the video demo, I took a screen shot.

Blade Runner Quiz

Video Demostration

I created a video of the quiz machine running on my old Windows XP machine. The sequence shows a very small (and easy) question set that was designed primarily to test the different question types.

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