A View from Stanage Edge in the Peak District

Project - POVRay Experiments


POVRAY is an excellent, free ray-tracer that's been around for a few years now. There is a huge amount of POVRAY related-material on the net, which pursuaded me to give it a try.

POVRAY has it's own scene description language that is structured in similar way to modern programming languages. In a way, you're writing a program to produce to a final image - this appeals to me a great deal. Some amazing images can be created from a relatively small amount of POVRAY code.

Visit the official POVRAY Home Page to download the latest version.

Test Renders

I like to 'doodle' in order to test POVRAY features and develop techniques. More often than not, this produces pleasing images. I'll be posting them here as they can make interesting desktop wallpapers.

01 Aug 2001
Sphere 01
02 Aug 2001
Sphere 02
02 Aug 2001
Sphere 03
03 Aug 2001
Sphere 04
Sentinel v1 Feb 2003
Sentinel v1
Sentinel v2 Apr 2003
Sentinel v2
Desktop 1 Jan 2005
Desktop 01
Desktop 2 Jan 2005
Desktop 02
Desktop 3 Jan 2005
Desktop 03
Desktop 4 Jan 2005
Desktop 04

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