A View from Stanage Edge in the Peak District

Project - Blade Runner Spinner


Blade Runner is one of my favourite films and is full of wonderful imagery. Lots of people have modelled the famous Police Spinner - I wanted to go through the process of modelling my own.


  • 30 Sep 2006 - Completion: 98%
    • Created a tiled backdrop for rendering
    • I need to do some extensive experiments with lighting and shadows in yafray - my first test render with the spinner lights switched 'on' took 17 hours and didn't render properly!
    • It could be some time before I post the final renders
  • 29 Sep 2006 - Completion: 98%
    • Added further detail and glass material to roof lights
    • Spent several hours tweeking some of the decal textures to fix warping issues
    • I've just got to tidy up some of the decal textures and tweak the material settings for glass and metals
    • I might also add some bump-mapping to some of the textures
    • A couple of 'high quality' rendering sessions will complete the project
  • 27 Sep 2006 - Completion: 94%
    • Put treads on tyres and enhanced the wheels
    • Added decals to wheel covers
    • Just the lights and basic interior to complete
  • 25 Sep 2006 - Completion: 90%
    • Picked up again for the final time (hopefully)
    • Applied most of the decals
    • Still got the wheels, wheel covers, lights and (basic) interior to finish
  • Apr 2005 - Completion: 80%
    • I keep shelving this project leaving it for several months and then picking it up again
    • I've added a basic interior but have decided that I'm going to leave the interior, add decals, produce final renders and leave the project in that state
    • Who knows when that will be...

Test Renders

Just a few tests for progress...

Apr 2005
View 1
Apr 2005
View 2
Apr 2005
View 3
Apr 2005
View 4
14 Apr 2005
Test Render
25 Sep 2006
Test Render
27 Sep 2006
Test Render
29 Sep 2006
Test Render
29 Sep 2006
Test Render
30 Sep 2006
Test Render

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