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Some subjects occupy my mind for a substantial length of time - sometimes years. I usually go to online forums and thrash out the issues with like-minded people, but every now and then, I just have to get my thoughts down onto (virtual) paper.


Are We Alone in the Universe?

(Published: 1 May 2004)


To some people it's unthinkable, most people don't want to talk about it and many people dismiss it out of hand. The 'mainstream' media ridicule the idea, the 'established' scientists avoid the idea, the religious leaders just don't comment on the idea and the military organisations of our Governments do their best to deflect reasonable enquiries into the idea.

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(Updated: 9 September 2013)

I’ve been using Linux since 1999 and would class myself as an intermediate-level BASH user. I write the occasional script in BASH, but tend to use PHP-CLI for my more complex scripting needs (after all, I am a certified PHP developer).

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HD Tune (Windows Freeware)

(Published: 9 February 2007)


The last time I had a serious issue with a hard-drive, it was with the one that came with my Toshiba laptop. This was quite some time ago, when I was still running Windows XP and regularly using Windows freeware.

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ID Cards and the National DNA Database

(Published: 1 November 2006)


The whole ID Card debate is not just about carrying a 'harmless' piece of plastic to enable an individual to identify themselves to the 'authorities'. The issues go much deeper than that. The introduction of a mandatory ID Card scheme and the massive database that supports it will mark a fundamental change in the relationship between the Government and the general public that it is supposed to serve.

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My Favourite Films

(Published: 1 March 2006 / Updated: 14 October 2017)

Here's a list of my favourite films and why I rate them so highly.

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My Favourite Software

(Published: 11 February 2008 / Updated: 9 October 2017)

Why pay large sums of money for software when there's a huge amount of FREE quality applications?

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My Game-Playing History

(Published: 24 August 2013 / Updated: 11 October 2017)

I've been playing computer games since the late 70's - here's a round up of my favourite games played over the years.

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The Problem with Call of Duty 6

(Published: 1 May 2010)


I own a PS3 and before the release of COD6, I spent a lot of my on-line time playing COD4. I played right through all the prestiges and managed to complete most of the challenges before moving onto to the COD6. Although COD4 was a brilliant game, it did have it’s problems and so I was looking forward to an improved experience with the sequel, Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 (I skipped COD5).

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Ubuntu and the Kobo Touch

(Updated: 27 August 2013)

I recently bought a Kobo Touch eReader and I’m very happy with it. But, as usual, I did have concerns about the software supplied with the device, because yet again, Linux has been over-looked.

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