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Welcome to the personal homepage of Richard Gunn.

Primarily, this site is a publishing outlet for my personal projects and opinion pieces. My primary interests are Linux, open source software, software development, console gaming and fringe topics.


19 April 2017

Re-vamping site and content. Moved to PHPoole to build static content.

27 August 2013

Updated HD Tune (Windows Freeware) and Ubuntu and the Kobo Touch eReader

26 August 2013

Updated About Me

24 August 2013

Added new article - My Game-Playing History - a quick rundown of my favourite games

11 August 2013

Most of the content on this site is either an 'article' or a 'project'

At this time, the majority of the content was created between the years 2000 and 2009. Obviously, I will be adding new content, when I've finished consolidating the existing material

Anything marked as "WIP" (work-in-pogress) is mostly done with just a few details to complete

Anything marked as "Coming Soon" still needs significant preparation before I can add it to the site

10 August 2013

I'm consolidating all my articles and project into a single place

I'm moving deckard.worldonline.co.uk to richardgunn.me.uk and re-working the style and layout

I'm going forward with a static site - no Wordpress or CMS installations

At the moment, I'm putting up place-holder pages and then filling-out the detail

Some of my projects will be made available via sourceforge - most of them will not

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